marathon_logo On April 16, 2006, Aaron and I will exchange our wedding vows in a civil ceremony at the top of heartbreak hill.  We will then continue on to the finish line running the last 5 miles together as husband and wife.  Making up heartbreak hill together, is the best way to begin a life together.  We will climb many hills together and have many finish line moments.

Marriage is a marathon, and it takes work to continue on the journey in life together!

lenox We will be hosting a dinner event and cocktail party at the Lenox hotel, for all our family and friends who can make the trip to Boston for Patriots Day.

black47On Friday, April 20th, we will also host a big celebration at the Fireman's Museum in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan with "beer, bbq & Black 47" for all our NYC friends, work friends, as well as family. 

fire museum

Pattiann and Aaron have registered at the following stores:

  Pottery Barn-
  Crate and Barrel-
  Williams Sonoma-

We also would greatly appreciate gift cards to Lowes and other home stores as we will be redoing our apartment in the city over the next year, new flooring, new kitchen, and new bathrooms, our next project post wedding and post bar exam, post honeymoon! Gift certificates to the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park are also welcomed.

All photos & artwork ©2007 Pattiann McAdams & Aaron Russell