Aaron and I met on May 21, 2005 on Shelter Island. We had both traveled to run the annual Shelter Island 10K race. I was not yet a member of the club, but had made many good friends, like Grace and Rachael that weekend. We had so much fun! We ran the race and then went back and showered to go out and party. Aaron and I clicked right away....He was so sweet and he complimented me and I just could see that he was wonderful person. We then chatted away and had so much in common. He worked in the Internet for many yearsÉand then of course we had running in common. We just chatted the whole night and had so much fun! We danced and then had our first kiss at the Sunset Cove on the beach. Again I had found this feeling inside, and I knew I had met someone very special. As he would agree, we had a lot in common, with the exception of "musical" tastes, Bon Jovi was almost a deal breaker for him.... But heck, if I was going to be dating a perpetual student, he could tolerate the 80's chick...

We then had our first official date, at Cilantro in the Upper East Side. We had a couple of Margaritas and then went to listen to Paddy McGuire...He then even made it out to my house in Long Beach for a wonderful weekend and I knew it, I had fallen in love!

We kept running races, and having wonderful trips and journeys...That's where it began, and the running story continues, as we will exchange our wedding vows, in April during the Boston Marathon.

cake marathon
cake cake

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