Well, it was incredible.  Aaron decided to run a marathon three weeks prior to the NYC marathon in Albany.  I went up and cheered for him, and he finished in an amazing 2:49!  His personal best for NY!  He then was determined to run with me by my side in NYC on November 5, 2006.  Well, while he was determined to run with me, I was determined for him not to put any pressure on me, because if I had pressure I would enjoy the run!  Aaron decided that rather than risk saying something that might upset me, he would carry speakers with my Ipod, and let me get motivated by the music…(no Bon Jovi of course)  and so the race began.  Aaron and I side by side for 26.2 miles We were greeted by family along the way the weather could not have been better and I ran my personal best.  At the finish line, Aaron proposed to me.  (Yes, he carried the ring for 26 miles in his pocket in a Tylenol package.  )

We then went back to the NYAC and celebrated, with friends, family and many many toasts of champagne to the happy couple!


All photos & artwork ©2007 Pattiann McAdams & Aaron Russell